General Rules

Transfer Method available :

    1. -Panel Transfer:Required Access Token or Facebook details.(Buy at your risk) Panel transfer is cheap but risky,Buy at your own risk. Payment only by Crypto,Panel only do 500B+
    2. -Table Transfer: We sit and play the actual game,I will  lose some hands and you win some hands.(Safer but prices are different due to table tax)
    3. -Facebook Accounts With chips.We will rent you Facebook account  (Email and password will be provide)+ 9.99 added for (renting FB account)(you will have 30mins to transfer and give us back the account)
    4. – Or provide us a account where you want your chips to be on.we will transfer directly to your account so you can avoid the table tax.NOTE: we transfer using panel.

-Table Transfer

  • The transfer is done on table,I add you on poker,i look for empty table,We play cards,I lose some hands,You win some hands.
  • You must have at least 1B chips or more. The more chips you have affects the transfer process became faster and more secure too. Make sure in advance that these items remain in your account.
  • Don’t send any payment before chatting with us.
  • The price of chips is not negotiable.
  • Please follow instructions before, during and after the transfer.
  • We have full authority to cancel your transaction and will fully refund your payment.
  • After we transfer your chips. Whatever happened to your chips and your account is your own responsibility.
  • You are fully understand that buying from me or any chips seller had a possibility to make your account get banned and / or suspended.

New Buyer Rules

What payment methods does Palchips accept?

Currently our payment options that we offer are

VISA card, MasterCard, DEBIT card, PREPAID card.{Card fees will be added)



MoneyGram and Western-Union {both can be done online on their website}

50£+ worth(i have to drive 30mins to collect in the city.

Skrill and paypal not always (withdrawal fee will be added )